Friday, April 14, 2017

Little One - Slider Window on a Shaker Card


I have been seeing all these great sliding window cards and really wanted to make one!
However, I thought I would do it with a shaker card!

I had never made a slider card before so I was glad I got the slider part to work right!


What will you need?

Card Base
1 Base Panel
2 Frames
1 Acetate piece - The same size as your frame
2 Smaller Panels - these will be the inside from the frame cuts
Foam tape
Shaker Pieces
Strong Adhesive

I used a set of nesting dies to cut all of these pieces out. . . using two dies, one within the other, cut at the same time will give you a frame and a smaller panel. Then I used the larger of the two dies to cut my acetate panel, I know that it will fit perfectly!

I am going to start with the sliding window, just to make sure I can get that to work out, just in case this turns into a regular shaker card! So we start with both frames, one acetate sheet and 1 of the smaller panels.

I started by cutting up the first frame. I cut the right side off, as you can see in the picture. Then I cut out about half of the top and bottom parts of the frame. I used stitched dies so I use the stitching as a guide when cutting them in half. . . It is important to keep a little bit on the ends so that the panel has something to keep it from coming out of the card.

I took the end piece that I cut off the frame and put it on the end of the small panel. This is going to keep the panel straight in the frame track and will catch on the little bits on the end to keep the panel in the card.

Now I am going to stamp my image for this card. I am going to use the New Little One stamp set from Strawberry Jude Stamps. I am going to stamp it with some regular black ink and will color in part of the image with Prismacolor colored pencils. I used a piece of washi tape folded over on it's self and attached to the back to create a little pull tab. Make sure it is long enough to stick out the side of the frame.

Time to assemble the sliding window. . . . starting at the bottom - acetate, cut frame, small panel, full frame.. . . .Yay!
Here is an image of the back also. . .

So now the easy part! Shaker!!

The second small panel is going to be the bottom of your shaker window. If you want anything to be on the bottom of your shaker window you would stamp it now. . . . I originally wanted to make the small panel blue and stamp a sentiment on it but I decided to keep the panel white and stamp the sentiment in blue. Once you are done decorating the shaker bottom adhere it to your base panel.

 Then you are going to surround  the small panel with foam tape to create a well for your shaker bits. Make sure you take into consideration the size of your frame! You don't want your foam to stick out past your slider window! You can also attach the foam to the bottom of the slider window, that may be easier to make sure your foam isn't going to stick out.

Now it is time to dump in the goodies! 
If you decided to put your foam on the bottom of your slider window just make sure that your bits stay on the small panel so that you can easily place the window over the top of them. Peel off the cover paper on the foam tape and place your window slider on the top. Attach your panel to your card base and you are done!

 It kinda looks like a gender reveal card, as everything is white until the sliding window is pulled to revel the blue shaker!

Here is the card in action!

I will be entering this card in the following challenges:

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Now, Get Out There and Create Something Amazing!!

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  1. Love it!! Great job and wonderful help.Thank You Sharron