Friday, March 10, 2017

Berry Wings Planner Clip

Sooo. . . . I feel like I just want to make cute little paper clips all of the time! They are super easy and soooo cute!

I made this one using the Berry Wings from Strawberry Jude Stamps. . .

First I stamped him out and colored him using PrismaColor Colored Pencils. Then I used my pix scan mat and my silhouette portrait to cut him out and to also cut out the backing that was a little bit bigger to give it an edge.

I gathered my Supplies. . . .
Paper Clip - Jumbo Size
Stamped Image

First I positioned my backing. I set up the paperclip to have the long portion be the back of my clip. I prefer to have my clip inside my book/binder, not sticking out of the top so that is why I placed my backing as I did. If you wanted the paperclip to stick out above your book/binder your would place your cut out at the top of the paperclip. . .

Next, I added scor-tape to the back of my colored image, and burnished it on really well before removing the tape covering. . .

Then you just center your colored image and press it together really well to make sure it is adhered well!

Seriously!  That is it!

I know I will be making quite a few of these!

Now, Get Out There and Create Something Amazing!!

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