Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sharing Handmade Kindness Week One. . . With Jennifer McGuire!

My very first blog post! Yay! I have always been kinda crafty but have recently been getting back into the mix. I found Jennifer McGuire on You Tube and am in awe of her super talent! Plus, she is amazing! 

She is doing a campaign to share handmade kindness, because why not? Who doesn't need more kindness in their lives? Here is the link for week one to Jennifer's amazing blog!

Here is the card I made to give to my ex-boss, I had been thinking about her and thought that she could use a little kindness. I also whipped up a glitter dipped coffee mug cuz don't you know it some people just don't function with out coffee and if you are gonna drink it it should be out of something sparkly!

I used a standard A2 card, and got this cute set from Walmart called Project Life, I got everything I used on this card except the pink piece and the circle stickers from that kit.



  1. I have made purchases from Fawntastics. They are GREAT. the family members I got many for, also love them. She makes lots of custom items also.

  2. Love your blog! Congrats hun! Such a superb job!